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What is Med Sync (Medication Synchronisation)?

        Are you struggling to adhere to your medication treatment as prescribed? When the list of medications you must take gets long, adhering to it becomes more challenging. You don't only need to remember how to and when to take your meds, but you also need to drive to the pharmacy on time to pick them up. Things can quickly get messy, ...





Are you struggling to adhere to your medication treatment as prescribed? When the list of medications you must take gets long, adhering to it becomes more challenging. You don’t only need to remember how to and when to take your meds, but you also need to drive to the pharmacy on time to pick them up. Things can quickly get messy, and before you realize it, you forget to get one of your refills. 


If you relate to this issue, you are not alone. Did you know that approximately two-thirds of the U.S. population doesn’t take their medication as prescribed? Lack of medication compliance negatively impacts a patient’s treatment, decreasing its benefits and potentially leading to treatment failure.


Nonadherence also affects the healthcare system, costing it billions each year. That’s why physicians and pharmacists were resolved to do something to overcome this problem. The solution they came up with? Medication Synchronization, also called med sync. 


Med sync revolutionized prescription refills, streamlining the process for patients and pharmacies. In this article, our Wisconsin compounding pharmacy will explain how med sync programs work and the benefits of enrolling in them. 


What is Med Sync? Everything You Need to Know

The image shows a medication calendar with a marked date.Patients who are on multiple medications find it particularly difficult to stay on track with all the drugs they take. If you have different refill dates, picking up your medications can become inconvenient, and you are at a higher risk of missing a refill appointment. Medication synchronization programs aim to resolve that issue.


Pharmacies that offer med sync services sync a patient’s prescriptions to the same fill date. This way, patients can pick up all their medicines on the same day, avoiding multiple trips to the pharmacy a month and boosting medication adherence. 


Med sync programs make things easier for everyone involved. Patients save precious time and enhance medication compliance, ensuring the success of their treatment, and pharmacies streamline their operations and are able to offer better care service to their clients. 


How Does Medication Synchronization Work?


Don’t let the name deceive you; Medication synchronization might sound complex, but it is as easy as it gets. Med sync programs were developed by pharmacists and the Community Pharmacy Administration to simplify and optimize multiple prescription refills.


To get on board this efficient meds refill solution, the first step is to find a local pharmacy in Milwaukee, WI, that provides med sync services. Next, you can let the pharmacy know you are interested in joining their med sync program. 


Your pharmacists will explain how the system works. However, all medical synchronization programs look a lot alike. You provide your medication list, and you work with the pharmacy to create a synchronization plan that best works for you.  


We summed up the process in these simple steps:


  1. Your pharmacist will review your prescription fill and design a synchronization plan according to your needs.
  2. The pharmacist will then perform partial or small fills for a few months until your medications are aligned and you determine a recurring date. 
  3. The pharmacy will contact you a few days in advance to remind you to pick up your refill. 


As you can see, med sync programs are pretty straightforward, but they make a world of difference in enhancing patient medication adherence efforts. This translates into less treatment failure, which would ultimately lead to additional medications or procedures and excess health costs. 


Does Med Sync Make Sense for You?

The image shows a pharmacist preparing medications for the med sync program. Do you wonder if enrolling in a medication synchronization program would work for you? Treatment compliance is always important, regardless of the reason you are taking medication. Medication adherence can prevent your illness from worsening or the development of new conditions, negatively impacting your quality of life. 


If you take several medications and notice you are struggling to stay up to date, you might consider signing up for your pharmacy med sync program. 


Enrolling in a med sync program makes sense for you if: 


  • – You take two or more prescription medications.
  • – You pick up your refills on different days of the month. 
  • – You have different prescriptions at different pharmacies.
  • – You have trouble getting to the pharmacy due to a busy schedule, distance, or transportation issues. 
  • – You sometimes forget to pick up your prescription refills. 
  • – You are tired of constant trips to the pharmacy to pick up your medications. 


If any of these points apply to you, reach out to your pharmacist and ask for information about their med sync program. 


Who is eligible for med sync? Medication synchronization is usually meant for patients taking multiple medications for chronic illness. If you take other types of medicine, you can talk with your pharmacist about which medications the system covers. For example, schedule II controlled substances and schedule III controlled substances containing hydrocodone are not eligible for med sync programs.


6 Benefits of Medication Synchronization for Patients and Pharmacies


Medication synchronization is an innovative approach to streamline the process of picking up several prescription refills and staying on track with complex medication treatments. Med sync doesn’t solely benefit patients; this method also provides unique advantages for pharmacies, allowing them to enhance their services.  


Let’s take a look at the top advantages of working with a pharmacy that offers med sync services: 


Promotes Medication Adherence


Medication adherence means following a medical treatment as prescribed by your physician. That implies taking your meds every day, on time, without ever missing a dosage. Medication compliance is fundamental for the treatment to work and for successful recovery or chronic health condition management. 


Nevertheless, most patients don’t stick to their medication treatments, whether because of the complexity of the treatment, economic reasons, or poor provider communication. Nonadherence negatively affects the patient, compromising their health and recovery.


A complex prescription refill schedule often leads to patients quitting their medication regime or failing to stay on track. This is especially true for individuals without their own transportation or who have their meds distributed at multiple pharmacies. Med sync solves that issue, facilitating prescription refills and improving treatment adherence. 


Improved Health Through Medical Treatment Success


Enrolling in a med sync program can also help you take care of your health. Long-term medications are often prescribed to patients with chronic conditions or who are at risk of developing a serious illness. It’s crucial that patients never run out of their medication and they commit to their treatment. 


Med sync can offer easier access to prescription refills, ensuring patients have their medications at all times. This doesn’t only make refills easier for them but also boosts treatment efficiency, helping them achieve optimal health. 


Make the Most Out of Your Money


When you forget to take your meds, you are also wasting money. The expenses associated with getting prescriptions filled also include the cost of a doctor’s checkup and other related expenses. If you miss your refill appointment, you might have to attend another doctor’s checkout, which will cost you money and time. 


Driving, taking the bus or a taxi to the pharmacy, or hiring delivery services also costs money. Reducing the number of times you must visit your pharmacy each month will put money back in your pocket. 


Convenience and Practicality 

The image shows a happy pharmacy customer.Let’s be honest; nobody loves a trip to the pharmacy. Getting your prescription refills every month is not something you want to do; it’s something you have to do. Streamlining medication pick-ups will make this task easier and more enjoyable. 


Having all your medications picked up on the same day and at the same pharmacy simply makes sense. You avoid unnecessary trips to the pharmacy, save time and money, and never miss a dose again. 


Enhanced Pharmacy Efficiency and Costs Reduction


Pharmacies also reap the benefits of offering medication synchronization as part of their services. 

For example, a pharmacy that offers free delivery to its patients may have significant costs if certain patients need multiple deliveries a month. By synchronizing all their meds to be delivered on the same day, pharmacies can substantially reduce delivery costs. 


Pharmacies can also enhance their efficiency and minimize costs by reducing inventory on the shelf. Med sync allows for predictability, which in the ever-changing pharmacy industry can go a long way. When pharmacists know exactly when patients will come to pick up their medications, they can organize medication orders more efficiently.  


Pharmacies Can Provide a Better Patient Experience

The image shows a pharmacist helping a customer with med sync.When pharmacists streamline patient prescription refill tasks, they spend less time answering phone calls from patients asking about their refills and placing several medication orders. This frees up time that can be used to actually refill prescriptions and work with patients. 


A more efficient workflow allows pharmacies to deliver a better experience to their clients by optimizing their customer services. They can spend more time on client consultations and patient care, such as immunizations and medication therapy management.


At the end of the day, it’s all about offering the best client care possible. Med sync enables pharmacies to streamline productivity, directing their focus and attention to what matters most: the patients.  


Medication Therapy Management


Med sync is one of the most efficient and valuable services pharmacies offer. Since we are on the topic, we wanted to mention another service pharmacies provide to deliver a better patient experience: medication therapy management (MTM). 


Medication therapy management is a set of services meant to optimize therapeutic outcomes for individual patients. MTM provides education and consultations to help patients understand and manage their medications. 


Just like medication synchronization, medication therapy management is a patient-centric approach that includes:


  • – Annual comprehensive medication review.
  • – A face-to-face pharmacy consultation.
  • – Creating a medication action plan.
  • – Quarterly follow-ups for monitoring and assistance.  


Through this service, your pharmacists will provide in-depth medication education and helpful advice to you, your family, or your caregivers. 


How Does Medication Therapy Management Work? 


During an MTM consultation, a pharmacist trained in medication reviews will meet with you to discuss all your medications, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and dietary supplements. Your pharmacist will review all your medications to help you understand how they work, how to take them, detect potential issues, such as interactions, and give you valuable tips to improve medical treatment efficiency. 


Receiving medication therapy management helps you make the most out of your treatment by:


  • – Preventing drug-related issues, such as severe side effects or medication interactions. 
  • – Learn how to better manage your medications. 
  • – Optimize the benefits of medication therapy.
  • – Resolved medication concerns. 


Medication management therapy is especially beneficial for patients taking multiple medications for chronic conditions, which can potentially interact with each other, causing adverse effects or reducing the treatment’s effectiveness. 


Who Is Eligible for MTM?


You are eligible to enroll in medication management therapy if:


  • – You take four or more prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs for a chronic condition.
  • – You take “high-risk” medications.
  • – You have three or more long-term health conditions. 
  • – You have diabetes – in this case, how many medications you take is not relevant. 
  • – You have a letter of referral for MTM from your physician. 


Medication therapy management is a free-of-charge service for patients who meet the criteria mentioned above, and it’s not considered part of the plan benefits you pay for. 


Contact Online Pharmacy in Milwaukee, IL


Tired of forgetting to pick up your medication refills or driving several times to the pharmacy each month? Thankfully, medical synchronization efficiently resolves these problems. 


By enrolling in a med sync program, you can pick up all your refills on the same day, avoiding unnecessary drives and transportation costs and improving medication treatment adherence. 


Would you like to join our med syn program, or do you have more questions about this service? We encourage you to contact us. Our dedicated pharmacy staff will gladly answer all your questions and help you synchronize your refills so you can save precious time and ensure treatment success.

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