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Are You Looking for a Pet Apothecary in Milwaukee?

        Pets have similar needs as humans; they can also get sick and suffer from diseases, and they are sometimes required to take medication. However, their unique anatomy and physiology demand different treatments and medications. That's what a pet apothecary in Milwaukee does. When your furry friends get sick, it's crucial to provide ...





Pets have similar needs as humans; they can also get sick and suffer from diseases, and they are sometimes required to take medication. However, their unique anatomy and physiology demand different treatments and medications. That’s what a pet apothecary in Milwaukee does.

When your furry friends get sick, it’s crucial to provide them with the best treatment as soon as possible. Most chain pharmacies don’t offer pet medications. And even when they do, medications are often offered in only one size or dosage. Finding the right compound for your pet can be extremely challenging if you only resort to those chains. 

A pet compounding pharmacy in Milwaukee, besides offering a wide range of animal medications, can customize the drugs to meet your pet’s unique needs, enhancing the effectiveness of their treatment. 


What is a Veterinary Pharmacy?

The image shows a cat, a dog, and laboratory compounding equipment.

Animals can get sick and need medical treatment just like humans. After a veterinarian diagnoses your pet and prescribes a drug, where do you go to refill that prescription? While some veterinarians also sell the drugs, that’s not always the case, especially when your pet needs a very specific type of medication. 


That’s when a pet compounding pharmacy in Milwaukee comes to the rescue. Veterinarian pharmacists are pet medication specialists who manufacture and supply medicines for animal treatments. 


Pet pharmacists are trained in animal pharmacology; some of their responsibilities include:


  • – Process medication orders
  • – Refill prescriptions
  • – Prepare medications
  • – Measure dosages
  • Pharmacy consultation to educate pet owners about drug administration, inform them about potential side effects, and clear any doubts.


When your beloved pet needs specialty care, a pet pharmacy is the best place to find the medication your pet needs. Our animal care emergency pharmacy has trained staff and quality control tests to ensure you get the highest quality services. 


Veterinary Compounding in Milwaukee


Veterinarians prescribe a wide range of medications to pets, from antibiotics and parasite preventatives to mes that treat more serious conditions. What happens when none of the available drugs on the market meets your pet’s individual needs? Or, let’s say, what happens if your dog needs a specific dosage that’s not available? In such cases, you can resort to a tailor-made compound. 


Animal medication has seen enormous advancement in the past decades. One of its most notorious achievements is that veterinarians are now evaluated to customize drugs to meet each patient’s requirements. 


Drug compounding is the process of mixing, combining, or altering drugs to create a medication especially tailored to an animal’s needs. When none of the available drugs is a fit for your pet, you can talk with your pharmacist about creating a compound for your pet. 


Other Services Performed by Profesional Pet Apothecaries


In addition to providing medications for common animal conditions, veterinary pharmacists also cater to the specialized needs of your pets. They can prepare drugs for the treatment of rare and severe diseases, medications for older pets, and treatments for exotic animals, such as birds or reptiles. This ensures your pet gets the proper treatment to maintain their health and well-being. 


These are some reasons why pet owners request drug compounding:


  • – A pet requires a drug that has been discontinued or it’s not for sale at their local veterinary pharmacy.
  • – To mix one or more meds for easier administration – this is incredibly helpful when your pet must take a large number of drugs; a pet apothecary in Milwaukee can mix all the meds in one easy-to-administer tablet. 
  • – To change the strength of a medication – your pet may need a milder or a stronger dosage depending on its condition, age, and weight.
  • – To change the medication sizefor example, if your cat is having a hard time taking a pill, you can request min-med tablets, which are very small dosage form tablets that facilitate drug administration. This is particularly beneficial for small pets, such as hamsters, small dogs, or puppies. 
  • – To change the medication’s route of administration – for example, if your pet refuses to take pills, regardless of how well you hide them in its food. 


How to Choose the Best Veterinary Pharmacy for Your Pet

The image shows a pharmacist and a happy dog.

When it comes to choosing the right veterinary apothecary for your pet, there are several factors you want to consider:


  • Licenses: First and foremost, it’s crucial you check the veterinary pharmacy has the proper licenses to supply and create medications for animals. Checking if they follow all the necessary regulations will guarantee the drugs they dispense are safe, effective, and of high quality. 
  • Accessibility: Another factor worth considering is the pet pharmacy’s accessibility and convenience. Ideally, the pharmacy should be located near your location or your veterinarian’s office. If the pharmacy provides delivery services or emergency care, that is a huge plus as well. 
  • Experience: Don’t forget to check the experience and expertise of the veterinary pharmacists. You want to work with professionals who have experience in the field. Look for health and wellness services in Milwaukee, WI with employees who are educated in animal health and have vast experience compounding drugs for pets. That will ensure they formulate your pet’s medications correctly and can give you the guidance you need about any pet meds-related concern. 
  • Range of services: Lastly, consider the range of services offered by the pet apothecary. Do they allow online purchases? Do they work with drugs for a wide range of animals and conditions? Try to find a veterinary pharmacy that offers all the services your pet might require. 


The Best Veterinary Care in Milwaukee, WI


If you are seeking exceptional quality and personalized care, then you must visit a professional pet apothecary in Milwaukee. 


At our veterinary pharmacy, our trained staff can help you find the right medication for your pet to guarantee the success of their treatment. If you have any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us; we are always happy to help pet owners ensure the health and well-being of their furry friends.

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