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A Reliable Wisconsin Compounding Pharmacy

        When a doctor prescribes a medication, they typically suggest one FDA-approved drug you can find at almost any pharmacy chain. However, in some cases, the medication you require or its specific dosage is not available on the market. Then, your doctor will likely recommend you get it from a Wisconsin compounding pharmacy.   Compound ...





When a doctor prescribes a medication, they typically suggest one FDA-approved drug you can find at almost any pharmacy chain. However, in some cases, the medication you require or its specific dosage is not available on the market. Then, your doctor will likely recommend you get it from a Wisconsin compounding pharmacy.


Compound medications are tailor-made to the patient’s individual needs and requirements. You can’t find the medication your doctor prescribed due to a drug shortage? Or do you need a particular dosage not available in the traditional drug form? By resorting to a compounding pharmacy Milwaukee, you won’t have to worry about that. Professional drug staff will create the exact medicine you request.


What Is A Compounding Pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy laboratory.

A compound pharmacy is a pharmacy licensed and has trained staff qualified to create medications. Compound medicine is the result of mixing, combining, or altering different FDA-approved pharmaceutical ingredients.


Why would you need compounding pharmacies in Wisconsin when there are so many drugs available in traditional pharmacies? Well, pharmacies with compounding labs can create any medication and even variations of meds already available on the market.


Sometimes, patients can be allergic to certain medicines, and there is no second option for purchase. Then, a compounding pharmacist can quickly prepare a medication using alternative, FDA-approved drugs. Other times, patients experience adverse reactions to a drug combination or strong dosages. A compound pharmacy can create a customized medication with a lower dosage form to avoid side effects.


There are countless reasons for patients to resort to a compounding pharmacy Wisconsin; these might include:


  • – Allergies or sensitivities to mass-produced drugs’ inactive ingredients (for example, gluten).
  • – Need to adjust dosage forms not available in pre-packaged medications.
  • – Pediatric patients who require age-appropriate drugs or flavored meds to facilitate administration.
  • – Geriatric individuals with difficulty swallowing large pills or unique preferences.
  • – Combining multiple medications into one drug.
  • – Individuals requiring shortage or discontinued medications.


Are Compounded Medications Safe?

Two pharmacists at a compounding pharmacy storage.

Many misconceptions surround medication compounding safety. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the organization in charge of testing and approving drugs in the US, does not revise compound medications. However, the FDA and pharmacy state boards supervise compound pharmacies’ daily operations and ensure they follow strict safety guidelines.


The state boards of pharmacy also oversee that no compound pharmacy manufactures or issues medications without a legitimate compounded prescription. Most reputable Wisconsin pharmacies work with a network of local doctors and healthcare professionals to provide the best compounding services to residents in the area and ensure patient safety.


Furthermore, compounded medication must follow industry standards set by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Convention. The compounding laboratory must follow best manufacturing practices (CGMP) which indicate how pharmacists should make, process, and package compounded drugs.


Types of Compounding Pharmacies In Wisconsin


There are several types of compounding pharmacies and each work on manufacturing specific drugs. Most pharmacies cover several or all of the following areas:


Compound Drugs for Elderly Patients


Elders tend to take more drugs than young individuals because they are more likely to have more than one health condition. After reaching a certain age, the body might not be able to digest or metabolize drugs as it used to, especially if the patient is taking a cocktail of several medications. In such cases, patients need customized medicines to avoid side effects and for better treatment efficiency.


These are some of the most common services provided by compound pharmacies for elderly patients:


  • – Different drug administration routes for patients with difficulty swallowing.
  • – Increased dosage form for patients who require a higher dose.
  • – Combining several medications into one drug to facilitate administration.


Pediatric Compound Medicine


Like the elderly, babies and young children may also require tailor-made medications.


  • – Dosage forms in topical creams or sprays for kids who can’t swallow or refute to take pills.
  • – Combining multiple medications into one single dose.
  • – Altering a medication strength to meet the child’s unique requirements.


Veterinary Medicine


Animals get sick and need medical treatment just like people. When your furry friend must take medication, but the available options don’t fit its needs, you can ask for a prescription refill from a
pet compounding pharmacy Milwaukee.


  • – Flavored medications – turn that pill into a treat!
  • – Special dosages for small pets, such as baby cats or birds.
  • – Customized meds for breeds that can’t metabolize certain drugs’ ingredients.


Anti-Aging and Skin Care Products


Facial skin is highly sensitive and tends to require special skincare products. Compound pharmacies can craft medications to treat severe dermatology issues or for unique skin care treatments:


  • – Products for highly sensitive skins.
  • – Creams and drugs to treat skin irritations, severe acne, and inflammation.
  • – Creams to improve the appearance of scars.


Sports Medications


Athletes tend to require special medications to treat severe injuries or pain:


  • – Combine multiple drugs into one to combat extreme pain.
  • – Topical creams or gels to treat pain during injury recovery.
  • – Compounded sunblock lotions or creams for outdoor athletes facing excessive sun exposure.


How To Choose a Wisconsin Compounding Pharmacy Based On Your Needs?


These are 4 factors you should consider when looking for compounding pharmacies in Wisconsin:


  • Licenses: Does the pharmacy have all the required licenses and permission to produce and sell compound medications?
  • Qualifications: How much medication compounding training and experience does the staff have?
  • Secure Supply Chain: How does their supply chain management look like, and where do they source their ingredients?
  • Reviews: What are their previous clients saying about their services?


The Best Compounding Pharmacy In Wisconsin


When your healthcare provider prescribes a compound medication, the best is to resort to an experienced and professional compounding pharmacy in Wisconsin. At Uptown Pharmacy, our trained pharmacists are ready to provide the highest-quality care to ensure optimal health and well-being.


Do you have more doubts regarding compound medications? We encourage you to schedule a free pharmacy consultation with us; our dedicated staff will be happy to guide you and provide the information you need.

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